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Foundation Aid – What’s Next?

Recommendations for Principles and Process

All the public school leadership organizations comprising the New York State Educational Conference Board commend Senators, Assembly members, and Governor Kathy Hochul for their resolve in bringing about full funding of the Foundation Aid formula in the 2023-24 state budget. With the formula at last fully funded, the time has arrived for New York State to commence a carefully constructed review of how Foundation Aid now operates.

When first enacted in 2007, the Foundation Aid formula was an exemplary achievement in public policy. It still delivers the greatest benefit to many of the neediest school districts and their students. Together with federal COVID-relief aid, the final strides in attaining full funding of Foundation Aid have enabled schools across the state to improve educational opportunities for students and to expand the ways they support the families of those children.

But 16 years have passed. Some formula components have never been updated and others have grown faulty. In the intervening time span we have also gained deeper understanding of how the life circumstances of children may affect their learning, as well as what strategies can best enhance their prospects for success in school and in life beyond.

With this paper, the Educational Conference Board, representing parents, classroom teachers, school related professionals, school boards, principals and other school administrators, superintendents, and school business officials in all the state’s school districts, offers recommendations for principles and a process to guide that review. READ THE FULL PAPER BELOW.

ECB Foundation Aid Principles and Process--October 2023 FINAL
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New York State

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